Center of Selfmobility
Tržaška cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana


Phone:+386 1 426 96 60


Registration number: 1622552
Tax number: 12971731
Bank account: 02010 - 0090269718


Centre Spiral - Center of Selfmobility Development is a private institute, established in 2001. The Institute has been dealing with human resource field, especially related to Human Resource Discovering – HRDc and with a focus on developmental issues for individuals and organizations. The institute has designed a developmental concept of selfmobility. Within its investigation of development, it is focused on development's balancing, by promoting a concept of self-balancing through principle of Developmental Alchemy. 

Institute implements services of adult education, supervision, evaluation, career coaching and participate in EU and domestic projects through research and evaluation activities.

The institute have been involved in many project topics within last fourteen years of operation: developing of bridge between knowledge and work; synergies between education, professional and personal life; preventing the brain drain; training of young people towards selfmobility; working stress; career counseling and informal skills; social responsibility of social organizations; competences of vulnerable groups of population; e-coaching for trainers.