Center of Selfmobility

Tržaška cesta 2, 1000 Ljubljana

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Subjects of evaluation

  • EU projects in humanistic and social field   
  • National programs and projects in social care and adult education field
  • Organisations

The specificity of the evaluation

  • Evaluation, which is clearly distinguished from methods of monitoring, is based on qualitative research approaches, including qualitative interpretation of data. The evaluation has a supportive-developmental role, and it encourages the quality of the evaluated subject. 

Central evaluation method
  • Qualitative Analysis, based on which qualitative interpretation of the data takes place, with the help of which evaluation supports the subject at its quality. 
Supportive evaluation method
  • Method of Selfmobility, based on which evaluation clarifies the subject's development in its basing, potentiality, substantiality, and visionship.
Evaluation tools 
  • Target-specific questionnaires (including group interviews if necessary)
  • Methods of observation (projects meetings, choosen projects or program activities...)
  • Review of documentation and material (existing and developed during the project).
  • Costs are defined in accordance to a particular situation within which evaluation takes place (i.e., what is the exact subject of the evaluation, who is the subscriber of the evaluation, how long does it take, what does it all involves). 

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